Cosmetic Dentistry with Dr. Joseph P. Wiggs

Your smile should give off a lasting, positive impression. Joseph P. Wiggs, DDS, Family and Cosmetic Dentistry address imperfections and enhance patients’ natural beauty with cosmetic dental procedures in Nashville. Visit our practice or schedule a consultation to go over options for improving your smile.

Enhancing the Beauty of Your Smile

Dr. Wiggs is devoted to supplying reliable enhancements, from single front-tooth crowns to full-mouth rehabilitation. We address issues of damage, decay, missing teeth, and discoloration. Services provided at our practice include:

Bonding, or the application of composite resin, is used to repair cracks and chips in dental enamel.

White fillings, also using composite, seal teeth during treatment for cavities. This material provides the cosmetic benefits of a tooth-colored restoration and reliable durability, while avoiding the detriments of amalgam.

Crowns are used to protect damaged teeth from further decay. The porcelain material used in our crowns imitates the color and shine of natural teeth, while providing lasting results.

Bridges replace a single missing tooth or a short row of teeth with a porcelain prosthetic. These restorations support the structure of visible teeth and boost dental function.

Full and partial dentures replace missing teeth with a prosthetic that either rests on top of gums or uses adjacent healthy teeth as anchors. Dentures are a proven way to restore your smile with non-invasive treatment.

Veneers cover deep stains and adjust the size and shape of teeth. This procedure involves cementing thin porcelain shells over teeth to generate a uniform, appealing smile.

Teeth whitening uses professional grade dental products to safely brighten smiles by several shades. Take-home and in-office methods are available for your convenience.

As an extension of his services, Dr. Wiggs can place and restore dental implants to provide quality care in the restoration and enhancement of your smile.

Advanced Dental Treatment

Intraoral cameras used at our office allow patients to view their smiles as treatment is performed, supporting improved satisfaction and education.  We work with a local lab run by a trusted technician for consistent, quality work. Shade matching is easy with our treatment process—our local technician comes into our office whenever needed to customize restorations to meet patients’ needs.

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Joseph P. Wiggs, DDS, Family & Cosmetic Dentistry is here improve your smile. Call or visit our practice and schedule a consultation with our Nashville dentist to go over your cosmetic dental treatment options.

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Nashville dentist, Dr. Joseph P. Wiggs is dedicated to general, family, and cosmetic dentistry with services including dental exams, dental makeovers, teeth whitening, veneers, crowns, x-rays, cleanings, and more. Please call our dentist in Nashville, TN to schedule your next appointment.